Our Harps

Nichole performs on two types of harp: Lever harp and Pedal harp. Lever harps are more mobile and smaller. Lever harps come in various shapes and sizes. However, they are more limited in their repertoire as the pitch of strings can only be sharpened when engaging the levers at the top of the string. Once engaged, the lever pinches the string raising the pitch by one half-step. The lever harp Nichole performs on is built in France by Camac Harps and has 32 strings. It is a fully electric harp and has a beautiful blue finish.

Nichole also performs on two different pedal harps. Both harps are made in France by Camac Harps. The smaller harp has 44 strings and ways about 55 lbs. The larger harp is more elaborate in design and is a full concert grand harp with 47 strings and weigh in at about 100 lbs. Both harps use a complicated mechanism that attaches to 7 pedals at the bass of the harp. There is a pedal for each note name: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Each pedal as 3 positions, the flat position, natural position and sharp position. The pedal mechanism is connected to discs that can pinch into the string tightening to raise the pitch much like the levers when the foot pedal is moved.

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